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Submitted by Sean Hennigan on Wed, 05/24/2017 - 14:56

LegeTV: We’ve got your clips!

If you would like a quote on a clip, please fill out the form below.

LegeTV can provide clips from Texas legislative video, including committee discussion, floor debates, public testimony, floor speeches, press conferences (when available) and special events. Clips are available from the 77th Session (2001-2002) to the present.

We will return your inquiry within 3 business days.

Basic Pricing

Additional fees may apply for research and consulting services if needed

- Standard clip (one speaker or colloquy, any length, no extra material)

  • 501c3 Nonprofit: $25
  • For-profit: $50

- Compilation reel (two or more standard clips edited together into one file with no extra material)

  • 501c3 Nonprofit: $10 extra for each clip after the first clip
  • For-profit: $20 extra for each clip after the first clip

- “Story” video (clips edited together to tell a story, with or without any amount of extra material)

  • Pricing varies depending on length and complexity, but $200-$300 per finished minute is a good ballpark

“Extra material” includes things like titles, credits, B-roll, explanatory slides, “lower thirds,” watermarks, captions, music, and still photographs with or without “Ken Burns effect.”


  1. Texas Impact/LegeTV will not deliberately distort a clip.
  2. Texas Impact assumes no responsibility for any use or further editing of a clip once it is delivered to the client.
  3. Texas Impact reserves the right to refuse service for any reason.
  4. Texas Impact asserts that the content of all legislative video is public domain, and the cost of producing clips is solely a function of the time and expertise necessary to extract and process them.
  5. Texas Impact assumes no responsibility for extra material included in “story videos,” including possible copyright or attribution considerations.
  6. All clips become the sole property of the client once they are delivered.
  7. Texas Impact will deliver the requested clip/s in a format and manner mutually agreed to by Texas Impact and the client based on the specifics of the request.
  8. The client agrees to hold harmless the boards, staffs, volunteers, members, and funders of Texas Impact, LegeTV, and the Texas Impact Education Fund in any disputes or complaints arising from the client’s use of any video clip supplied by Texas Impact/LegeTV.
  9. By submitting this form, the client accepts the foregoing terms and conditions.
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